Today marks a week of work since moving, Tuesday was the actual week since we moved and it’s been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Not that I haven’t moved before, just that I haven’t moved from house to house before. Lat time I moved was from an apartment back into the house during the […]

This is the last Saturday that I’ll be sitting in this room. I didn’t think a year ago that this would actually be happening and then when it did, it took off faster than I thought it would. I think I’ve cried more than my body takes in water but right now I’ve gotten past […]

We’re getting down to less than a week before moving. We’ve actually had a local junk man taking some of our things that we can’t and really shouldn’t take with us, so you can imagine the house is getting to be pretty empty. My emotions are all over the place, even more than before but […]

I can’t describe what this feels like except for a bit invasive. I’ve never sold a home before and this well, the house isn’t in the greatest shape so the people buying it are “flippers”. We’ve signed all the documents and they had people come by yesterday to take a look. Investors and contractors is […]

It’s weird to think that this time next month I’ll be sitting in a completely different place. I know it’s going to take some time but I hope that it brings us peace. I would say happiness but I think with peace will come happiness because we’ve been happy but missing peace where we are […]

Do you believe in spirits? Like ghosts, do you believe? The thought of an entity or spirit being in the living world fascinates me and yes sometimes frightens me but I think that is all from conditioning. I don’t truly know what they are so why should I fear them without reason? I bring this […]

The days seem to move a little faster now and I worry about all the things that I’m going to forget. There’s so much to do here and also where we are moving to. It’s not a move in ready kind of place and it does need a lot of work, it’s the only way […]