As I watch the screen for the outside cameras, my nerves are jumping tonight. It’s been a very emotional week so far and I’m exhausted to the point that I can’t settle down. Monday started out normal or at least my most recent form of normalcy. That afternoon however my younger brother called while crying. […]

It’s quiet tonight, only the sound of the television is barely breaking the silence. Not having any noises from outside used to be a foreign thing for me to think of but not anymore. When sounds do come from outside, it’s that when my attention gets sharp as it’s always so still. I’m getting used […]

It’s been cold outside lately, I’m sure it has been for you also. It’s so different how we dealt with it last year compared to now. Last year we would be bundled up in multiple layers of clothes and also jackets and sweaters while being in the house. Plastic sheeting on the windows and closing […]

It’s chilly out tonight and I am sleepy but my mind just doesn’t want to stop. My granddaughter has a cold again and I can hear her from down the hallway. Poor thing, we all just seem to be keeping this thing going but one person to another and I thought we were in the […]

We’re living in the woods as some of you already know. It was super cold last night so I got up and started warming up the house. I had the entire place to myself for about an hour when my son and granddaughter started to wake up. I put the bacon on and I think […]

The old house showed up for sale yesterday on the internet. It was weird to see it and what they did but it didn’t hurt. I can’t say that I didn’t feel anything but the only way I can describe it is, weird. I felt weird while looking at the photos of it and seeing […]

I’ve had something cross my mind a lot lately and I’m not sure why it’s popping up now. Maybe it’s living closer to my sister and that’s because I can see the wonderful relationship that she has with her husband. I’m not jealous by any means and am truly happy for her, maybe the word […]