I feel like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth lately. Crawling back into my cave and pulling the covers over my head, welcoming the darkness and the mindless sleep. I don’t know what has brought this on for sure but I know it’s been a bit rough lately. Being able to move seems […]

Have you ever done something so silly and it’s the most fun you’ve had in a long time? Something just so silly that if someone else had said it, you might have thought they fell on their head or something? This scenario describes our Monday night this week, just so silly but yet so much […]

I work in my bedroom so my desk is in there too. Everyday I sit at my desk, working on the computer. Out of the left side of my vision, my son came up and stood beside me. As I wasn’t done yet, I couldn’t talk to him yet so even though I knew he […]

I’m feeling a little sad today and I don’t know why just yet. I don’t think I woke up feeling like this, it just seemed to take over. It could be that I have to work today and I would much rather be in bed under the covers. Or maybe it could be that I […]

We had a nice time visiting with my brother on Sunday. It’s amazing the difference that a few weeks can make. He was talking like he normally would and was even walking around without anyone chasing him to make sure he didn’t fall over. Seems that he might be having anxiety over driving though. Where […]

We took the drive to see my brother yesterday. Melting heat index, road construction and of course blinding rain. But with all of these factors, I’m still so glad that we took on the adventure. The heat was unbearable at times so we spent a lot of time indoors until the kids just couldn’t live […]

The window is covered in dew this morning, it horribly humid outside. Still I can’t bring myself not to open the window and see the birds. The junior cardinals have been flying around the feeders like it’s a midnight rave for teenagers. Their colors are spotted and some have more red than others. The wren […]