Sick as a Dog?

Where did the term “sick as a dog” come from? Without having looked it up yet today, just in my mind, it doesn’t sound right. The words keeps passing over and over and yet they still sound just as silly.

Waking up with a non-stop nose and scratchy throat this morning just brought the term to mind when I said it to myself. Who would put the two together and why would we say it again. Many dogs that cross my path are extremely jovial. Head pat and a you get a tail wag so if you’re sick as a dog, why doesn’t a simple head pat make you feel better? A dog can’t tell you when they have a scratchy throat or chills. A human can normally tell when their pet is not feeling well but to a stranger, they might not be able to tell the difference. So how do we associate our being sick with that of a dog?

Maybe in the early years, dogs were watched to see if a wide spread illness was coming into the city, like taking birds into the mine shaft or someone saying that a storm is coming because their bones are stiff. Did we treat our dogs as a higher knowledge being and react to what they did on that particular day? Sounds just as silly saying it as it does to type it.

At my house, we have two cats that rule the roost and sometimes I do think I hear them talking to me. Call me a crazy cat lady but when a meow is said  in a certain way, I just seem to know what they want. They’ve been in my life for 11 years now and they’re part of my lineup of children you might say. I talk to them and they talk back; believe it or not, they’ve helped me through quite a bit. But when they are sick, I know and it’s not the same as a human. So I would never say “sick as a cat”.

I guest it’s just one of those funny sayings that you find yourself thinking about just seconds after it’s come out of your own mouth. Now I’m trying to think of other silly things I say that don’t make any sense, but find my brain is not working while on cold medication. I’ll probably read this when I’m feeling better and be shocked at just how jumbled it truly is. Maybe that will remind me just how “sick as a dog” I was.


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I like to think I'm a normal everyday woman but my mind tells me otherwise. I fight my battles and post them here. I don't tell my family and real life friends that I write here. This is my own little way of having "someone" to talk to. My own little therapy session if you will. I welcome comments and opinions but I have enough negativity to last a lifetime already . My world is changing and now more than ever I need support and encouragement but I'm still too afraid to let anyone know that it's me writing here.