Still Get Nervous

Is it normal that when you want to change one thing in your life, several other things start to change also? Maybe it’s the way my brain is changing for the one thing. Most of you know that I am working on moving to another city. I have to fix some things and get things in order before I can actually move, but my brain is changing the way it thinks of things and being more positive about it. This could be the reason that other things are changing.

At my job, I work from home so it’s a blessing to start with but I’m looking at applying for a different position within the company. People are telling me that I have a good chance at getting it. It’s not any more money but it would be less stress and more in line with what I like to do. So tonight, I’m taking the plunge and submitting my interest in the position.

It’s funny, I think I’m older than the person that would interview me and yet I still find myself getting nervous. I know everyone and have had regular conversations so why is it that my brain is letting my nerves get to me?

It’s important and would mean so much less stress, that is what I’m looking for the most. The hours would change but how much can I truly complain when I’m working from home? This job was the first step to being able to move, not being tied down to a physical building in order to work. The Universe has lined things up for this and I hope this is another thing that it has lined up for me.

Not sure when the interview would exactly be or when the decision would come out but I’m hoping as hard as I can. Maybe that’s what is actually making me nervous? I’m doing it to myself, it wouldn’t be the first time. Take a deep breath and get through one day at a time. Maybe with just my fingers crossed and not my toes?

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I like to think I'm a normal everyday woman but my mind tells me otherwise. I fight my battles and post them here. I don't tell my family and real life friends that I write here. This is my own little way of having "someone" to talk to. My own little therapy session if you will. I welcome comments and opinions but I have enough negativity to last a lifetime already . My world is changing and now more than ever I need support and encouragement but I'm still too afraid to let anyone know that it's me writing here.