Customer Service

How do you keep dealing with something when you know it’s not being handled correctly? When you know down deep in your soul that the person set for this job is not doing what they need to do. Why does everyone think this person is so great when you can clearly see that they’re skating by on their “links” with other people. Maybe this is why everyone praises because they don’t want the backlash of the people that they know.

I deal with customers on a minute by minute basis with my work and it’s clear to me that some of the people that they put in charge of making decisions at just above my level are not qualified for the position they’ve been given. I could be overthinking it but my stand on customer service is a strong one because I believe it’s the customers that support the company first and not the supervisors. But I think the supervisors can sometimes get an inflated ego by the supervisor term.

How does someone just stand by when they know that decision is not the right one? I do need my paycheck so I’m not able to cause a rift but seriously, watching and experiencing a customer not be treated the way that I know they should, kills me!

With an experience just a couple of days ago, before my day off, that I clearly felt the customer was in the right. The supervisor on duty at the time said: “stick with the procedure and let it go”. This was an unusual case that doesn’t happen that often so the procedure is not truly in place for this instance. This “procedure” means that the customer is treated as if their grievance means nothing to us when they’re clearly right in speaking up about it. The supervisor wants no research done to clarify what exactly happened, just wants the customer to be told that nothing can be done and to basically go away.

However, I did write a letter to the other party involved after I was told to “blow off” the customer. When I came back to work today, there is no response from that letter. I’m not sure that I would expect one as it was still the weekend or because they don’t wish to deal with it either. It’s killing me inside to know that this customer is being treated like rubbish and everyone acts like it’s the norm!

Where did we as a society change and say that this is allowable? Why do we not realize that when someone chooses to patronize a company, that it is a choice and they more than likely have other options. There are definitely some monopolized industries but to those that are not, like the one I work in, why are we not putting the customer first? There are stores that I have not been to in years because of my personal experience there. I just sit back and wait as it normally reflects on a larger scale to that store so I see that it’s not just me.

A simple friendly face or voice can turn a situation around for many people. My hands are tied on this but this customer knows that I’m doing all I can and they thanked me profusely for listening and even just trying. How sad it is that someone has to be so grateful for the one thing that the company should be doing in the first place. Why is this accepted as the norm?

I know I might be a bit vague on what it is that I do but it’s customer service over the phone for a  company that is strictly web-based with its services. No product is delivered or anything but it is a service that is rendered and provided. This is my first experience working with a web-based company and I truly love the idea of it. But I don’t know if it’s because I was raised differently or if others think that just because it’s not a brick and mortar company that they don’t have to treat the customer the same as if they could walk through the door?

There is a home office and I’m told customers have visited, but I would say 97% of the employees are virtual and have never stepped foot into home office. Does this make them feel less accountable for how they treat people?

To me, a person is a person is a person, no matter if they’re over the phone or standing directly in front of me. I treat everyone the same no matter who they are. I’ve met millionaires and I’ve met homeless people, they are the same in my eyes until I experience how they treat me. Someone is nice to me, I’m nice to them and same goes for treating me bad, everyone is the same to me.

Am I so different in thinking this way?

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