Band of Brothers

My nephew is staying with me this week and I’m loving it. To those that do not take the time to listen to him, they will never know the beauty and imagination of his ideas. He is on the autism spectrum but he is high functioning. I love to listen to the things that he creates in his mind, because someone not on the spectrum would probably never think of these things and I love it.

He has always been drawn to comics and the characters in them so that brings on the movies and so forth. A few years back we had the opportunity to meet Stan Lee as a comic convention and we were actually stuck in front of Mr Lee while the line was backed up, so my talkative nephew did just that, talk. Mr Lee actually gave a chuckle at what he was saying so that made his day.

Lately his new added interest, not to take away from the comics, has been history. Specifically history of war and what happened to make it happen. He has thoughts of making his own movies and incorporates what he learns into them, with a little twist of course. He knows right from wrong but has to learn the boundaries in which not to cross, so getting him to understand this is a bit harder than I thought. He sees all of the satiricle comics that are out there now and some truly seem to pick on others. This doesn’t make sense to him and sometimes he doesn’t know why it’s not right since others do it. I have to explain to him the difference between hurting someones feeling and finding the fun in something even though it was a bad experience. I think we’ve made headway on this.

However, I’m introducing him to Band of Brothers. He is able to understand all of this and so I want to help him see what men of war went through. We’re three episodes in and he actually puts down his cell phone while their on. We had talked about the holocaust and I’m thinking of showing him Schindler’s List. I think he’s ready for it but I want him to finish Band of Brothers first because he doesn’t have access to it at either parents house. I know a few other movies that he might like but I’m looking for suggestions also.

I love documentaries and love it even more when a movie shows someone that has experienced it first hand. Not that the person went through it but that they can get their story out and we can hear it from them. One of my cousins was in the Vietnam war but when he came home, he wasn’t the same person so it wasn’t like you could sit and ask him about it. He’s since passed so all of those experiences are gone with him, I think that’s how he wanted it though. I want my nephew to know the truth of how these things really happened and not base it off of someones stories that were either made to be too much or not made to be enough. While watching this, I see his brain soaking it in and then we have conversation about it. I want him to know the difference so that going forward he can make an educated decision.

Maybe if all of our younger generation actually knew what happened during these wars, then they would understand what it was and why we don’t want it again. With all the technology today, I think most of the younger generation has become numb to it all and just thinks it’s all a movie or something. We neglect to listen to our prior generations and to pass that on as word. This is why I listen to people when they speak to me, the amazing things that they can tell me. I met a man last month in McDonalds, he was just sitting while waiting for his food. I noticed his hat that noted his service and I asked him about it and thanked him for it. He was an elderly gentleman who then proceeded to tell me of his experience while jumping out of planes. Did you ever think you could have such amazing conversation at McDonalds?  I always thank our service men and women, sometimes I am blessed with more stories and other times I can see that they prefer not to talk about it. I am okay with whatever they feel as I’m just truly glad they made it home.

My nephew will know this and will go forward with this knowledge as he approaches the comics or movies that he wants to make. He will have a different view of it with his autism and how he sees the world in general. But his version will include the truth and the sensitivity to know what subject to attempt and not to attempt. I look forward to seeing what comes out of this and how he gives his gift to the world. He’s very creative and his mind never stops. I love him for his ideas and for the great young man he’s growing into. I would say he’s close to being a mini me but he’s a lot taller than I am. I just love him so.

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