Chasing Flies

Have you ever done something so silly and it’s the most fun you’ve had in a long time? Something just so silly that if someone else had said it, you might have thought they fell on their head or something?

This scenario describes our Monday night this week, just so silly but yet so much fun. As I work in my room, my bird-feeders are placed directly outside my window so that I can watch the birds while working. This not only attracts the birds but also a local stray cat that likes to sit in wait for squirrels or any birds daring enough to land on the ground instead of the feeder.

We’ve devised a system of squirt guns for when the cat arrives, we don’t want to hurt it but we also don’t want it to kill the birds. The squirt gun originally came about to scare off the squirrels who were eating the special food that we purchased to feed the woodpeckers. The squirrels seem incredibly fond of this food and yet it’s expensive because they eat it so fast unlike the birds normally do. So my son took it upon himself to make a concoction of things to put in the squirt gun. It seems to be different things each time but I know I smell vinegar. He told me once that he had hot sauce in it, I looked it up and the internet says that birds cannot taste the heat so I didn’t worry too much about him doing it.

The squirrels have slowed down a little bit but now there is a stray cat that likes to hide in the flower plants that I planted at the base of the feeders. So now he (my son) enjoys stalking the cat as it stalks the other animals. Shooting the bird feeder out of my window to unknowing squirrels and the one cat.

This wouldn’t sound so bad but being able to shoot the squirt gun out of my window entails taking out the screen so that the water goes in the direction he wants. You wouldn’t think it but the bird feed from the feeders, falls to the ground and sometimes creates a place for flies. You guessed it, when my son takes the screen out, he lets flies get in the house. It drives me nuts!

Well, Monday night after work, I was exhausted as it was a busy day. All I wanted to do was have dinner, take a shower and watch a show before bed. Nope, this was not in the plans because as I sat down in my comfortable rocking chair, a fly decided to land on the front of the tv screen. I was irritated at first because I had been telling him to make sure that the flies do not get in when he takes out the screen. But then, my granddaughter comes into the living room with two fly swatters.

My Monday entertainment was not of the tv show that I wanted to watch but instead of one adult man, a 6 year old little girl and two cats, chasing flies around the living room and down the hall. They celebrated and high five’d each time one of them got one. It was more running around and laughing than it was catching the darn things. But the cats joined in and it just made it even more comical to watch. I don’t know who had more fun, them chasing them or me watching them chase them.

It made me remember being young and chasing dragon flies in the back yard. I would never catch them because it was just gross and I couldn’t do it. But my sister was really good at it and the clothes line made for a perfect place to catch them. I laughed more now then I did back then.

Who would have thought that some of the most fun and laughing that we’ve had in such a long time would come from chasing flies around the house? Nothing was broken, no appliances nor bones, only stomach muscles hurting from all the laughing. It was a nice night.

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