Outside Cat

I’ve talked about my bird feeders that are placed outside of my bedroom window. They are my source of peace and calm while working during the day and I wouldn’t move them for anything.

Every now and then there has been a little grey cat that would sit is the seed growth and hide beneath the feeders. I don’t think it’s ever caught a bird but more hunts the squirrels that try to invade the bird food. I don’t particularly care for him being below the feeders because I love watching the birds so much.

On days when it’s not too hot, I’ll open my window a bit so that my own cats can sit and enjoy the fresh air, the birds are nothing but entertainment for them and the birds have gotten used to them being there. However, if I open the window when the grey cat is there, he or she runs away.

The past few days a couple of hawks have been hunting in our front lawn so when they are around, I know. All the small animals seem to close up shop and go home and it’s dreadfully quiet outside as far as animal noises go. The only animals that are either brave enough or just too stupid to realize, are the squirrels. These things will still try to get to the bird feeders when the hawks are here. I don’t know if one has been successfully taken but I’ve seen a few near misses and they scare me to see. I know it’s all the circle of life and I’ve tried explaining it to my granddaughter but she just thinks of The Lion King and smirks at me.

It’s okay that she reacts that way because it’s even hard for me to think of cute little animals eating each other. But I know I shouldn’t add to it nor stop it because that’s how it works.

The little cat had stayed away for a while because of the hawks but the past couple of days he’s shown back up. He’s a bit skinny and I can’t help but feel horrible for him. My son placed a little food outside the other day, by the fence. The food is gone but I don’t know if the cat got it or some other animal.

He just showed up again this morning, under the feeders and he’s still skinny. I couldn’t help but place a bowl of cat food out the front door. I went back to my window and he was gone, but I don’t think he was getting the food, I think he went under the cars. I just would like to see him eat and I would feel better. Is that the animal lover in me or the mother in me, I’m not sure. In one way I don’t want him here because I don’t want him to hurt the birds and in another way I want him here to chase away the squirrels. Can’t really tell a cat what is and isn’t on the menu I’m afraid.

I’m going to keep an eye out and see if I can tell if he’s eating. Wish him luck!

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I like to think I'm a normal everyday woman but my mind tells me otherwise. I fight my battles and post them here. I don't tell my family and real life friends that I write here. This is my own little way of having "someone" to talk to. My own little therapy session if you will. I welcome comments and opinions but I have enough negativity to last a lifetime already . My world is changing and now more than ever I need support and encouragement but I'm still too afraid to let anyone know that it's me writing here.