How Long Will It Take?

It’s weird to think that this time next month I’ll be sitting in a completely different place. I know it’s going to take some time but I hope that it brings us peace. I would say happiness but I think with peace will come happiness because we’ve been happy but missing peace where we are right now.

We went up again yesterday to help with getting the inside ready and I’m afraid it was a lot more than I thought it was going to be so it really takes a lot of work. Next Sunday we’re going to tackle the kitchen and the master bedroom so I think we’ll end up being there longer than we’ve been staying before. The week after that, I want to do flea bombs because there are dogs in there right now and they have fleas. One of my cats is allergic to fleas and she loses her fur if she gets even one.

I don’t know how many trash bags we threw out and we ripped up carpet in there also so it’s literally starting from scratch. I’m hoping we can get it clean enough to move into in time. I say hope just because there is so much to do.

When we do the kitchen next week, he said he’s going to throw most of it out so I’m looking forward to that. I’ve tried to be very careful not to hurt his feelings when going through things because I know he’s been through so much already and I don’t want to add to that. Besides, I’m really enjoying spending the time with him and on the rest times that we take, we get some conversation in there too and it’s like getting to know him all over again.

Did I tell you that he’s my older brother? He’s been suffering with depression as a few of us in the family have been but then he was thrown a cheating wife and divorce in there too so it just seemed to close in around him and I completely understand. I do wish that my sister that seemed to be close with him, had let me know just how bad it was getting and I would have been up there sooner. I had tried to find him after a big storm we had but there were trees down and I didn’t know if I was going the right way or not so I never made it to his house back then or else I would have known.

I think this change is going to be nice for him, it will take some adjusting but once he gets back out “in the sun” as I call it, I think he will feel better. At least now we’ll live closer and can see each other better than we can being so far apart. I hope this brings the family closer together.

So, I think the kitchen has a lot of stuff that are from the marriage so that is why he will be throwing most of it out, besides he’s downsizing to an apartment for now so he can’t take it all with him. What I don’t understand is how many cupboards they have, there are tons of them! Some are in places that I don’t know why they are there, they just don’t make sense, at least to me. I think they end up closing off space and it makes the house seem dark. I’m not used to having many cupboards as we only use our top ones right now and that’s not for much. There truly are a lot of them so I can see myself taking some out and leaving them out.

First things first, get it cleaned and bombed so that we can move in and then the “fixing” it up and come while we’re in there. This is how we’re able to get in there, because in the condition it’s been in, it wouldn’t sell for what we are giving him and this will pay off his mortgage so he will be debt free after it, except for his car. So this will take a lot of burden off of him and that helps with the depression also.

My brother-in-law knows how to do a lot of this work so he will show my son how to do it and that is how we will get it fixed up. We will do the work, although I’m thinking of renting one of those dump things so that we can just put all the bags and things in it and have it hauled away, I’ll have to look into how much it costs because they’re telling me that the dump might not take it all and I would have to go to the landfill anyway which would cost me. We’re going to burn wood items so that won’t have to go but I like to recycle and I’d like to make sure it’s taken care of the right way. They don’t have garbage service there so you have to either burn or take your trash to the dump, then if you have more than what the dump will take, you have to take it to the landfill which will be about 40 miles away and you have to pay by the pound for what you leave.

It’s crazy all of the changes, mail will be in a cluster box that I haven’t seen yet so it’s somewhere out there. No newspaper delivery so I don’t know what I’m going to do to get my coupons. They do have a landline phone system, which surprised me but the water runs on a well so if the power goes out then there is no water. The road itself looks like a path that someone just kept running over in the woods so it’s something else to get used to. The nearest grocery store is a little tiny thing and I know it would be expensive because of it being the only one. But if you drive another 30 minutes or more, you would reach a Walmart (I haven’t been in or ordered from them since last November so they’re out), or Target. I see saving money that way because I wouldn’t be able to make quick trips to the store anymore. But we’d really have to make sure that we had everything when we do go shopping or it would have to wait.

They say that UPS and FedEx actually will deliver out there but I have no idea how they get their trucks out there but I’m glad that they do. Maybe that gives me a little sense of still being connected because I surely can’t say that I’m not nervous because I am.

I just opened the windows to my room, the sun is out enough that anyone outside will not see me working on a computer so I opened the windows and curtains. Am I going to miss looking out and seeing a paved road and a house across the street? What if my view is that of more birds, would that make up for it?

My sister would be able to show up anytime she likes and I know I would end up giving her a key which is so weird to think of happening. That part I like, it will also help the kids keep up with picking up their stuff because I can always tell them that she might show up. Funny I know, but it’s so true, I hope they keep picked up because they don’t know when she would show up.

Just looking forward to the first day of actual peace and rest out there, I wonder how long it will take?

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