It’s Sold

The old house showed up for sale yesterday on the internet. It was weird to see it and what they did but it didn’t hurt. I can’t say that I didn’t feel anything but the only way I can describe it is, weird. I felt weird while looking at the photos of it and seeing what they had done to it. My sister was the first person that I told about it and then I showed my son. All of us can see where they didn’t fix what was needed and just did a basic redo. I think the biggest thing they did was the bathroom, they added a new vanity but in doing so they took out the hall closet so there is absolutely no storage space for towels and bedding. The windows look original and they kept the jalecy windows along the side of the house. The back room looks like they only painted and added flooring, meaning that they didn’t insulate it. I told them that the people before us had closed in a back porch in order to make that room so we closed it off during the winter time.

The stump in the back yard (the tree was taken down after a storm because of it leaning) was still there. This tells me that they did nothing with the plumbing that I told them about. In order to repair the piping, this stump had to be removed and the flooring all the way up the flooring through the back room. So I know that they didn’t do it because the back porch slab that we had was still there. The crack in the blocks of the back of the house is still noticeable so that wasn’t fixed either. Not one picture of the utility room was there either.

I guess it’s weird seeing how they basically put lipstick on it and want to double the price. How can they do this and not tell a potential buyer of all the issues that they didn’t fix. They’re offering it as a family home but there were just two another two murders there last week. From the photos I can see that the neighbors hadn’t put up the fence that they said they were going to nor have the neighbors in the front moved like they said they were looking into.

Seeing people and connecting what they say to what they actually do is an eye opening experience. I absolutely love the people that lived next to us but the wife has not said anything more than reaching out when a FedEx driver left a package for us at their house. She sent it us but when I sent the money back to them (for the postage) and enclosed a note and a Christmas card, she sent back a card but very basic and no reaction to what I write.

While talking to my sister yesterday, she helped me to realize that yes, even though they might genuinely miss us, part of this is due to not having anyone to watch their house when they’re not home. They put bars on their windows and doors and had just installed a camera doorbell a few months before we left. When they would go out of town, she would send me a text to let me know that they had left. That’s actually how she would let me know during the past year so she wouldn’t ask me before leaving but instead let me know that they had already left. So she assumed that we would be there and I guess just took it for granted that we would be home. I didn’t mind keeping and eye out because I did it anyway but yes, I did feel a bit taken for granted at the end. Maybe we tend to forget things that we felt when we remove ourselves from the situation. My sister thinks maybe she is upset because now she has no one to look out for their house. Her son lives across the street with his wife but they’ve been broken into twice and had to put up bars also. Her son leaves super early for work and keeps a gun on him just to go to his car. Then his wife leaves later and so no one else is home to keep an eye out. The neighbor that was in front of us, the older sister was absolutely no use, she didn’t associate with anyone and the younger sister was in healthcare and worked nights so she slept during the day and didn’t know anything that happened nor looked out for anyone else’s home. The older sister was so reclusive that she actually raked their yard at night! I didn’t care what time she did it but that was crazy stupid to be out there at that time of night.

So I guess where I’m going is that I feel bad for the person that gets the house for what they want them to pay. It’s going to turn into what I call a hood house, yes it’s in the hood but I remember growing up and walking home from elementary school and seeing the kids going to some “hood houses” with the grandmas waiting for them out on the porch. The mother and father were not in the picture because drugs or violence had removed them and the grandparents were raising the kids. They couldn’t stop the cycle though because I watched those very kids that I went to school with, turn around and end up in the system themselves. It’s sad but I know that this is what’s in store for the house that I grew up in.

There’s no true sadness in my heart in the sense that I feel a loss with the house, I don’t want to go back. Being out here has made me feel better and my nerves are starting to calm down. I still get nerves but that’s with other issues that I’m working on but at least I don’t feel so alone.

We’re all going for a walk this morning, it’s a bit cold but it’s something that we couldn’t do in the old house and I’m looking forward to it. One step at a time, right?

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