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It’s weird to think that this time next month I’ll be sitting in a completely different place. I know it’s going to take some time but I hope that it brings us peace. I would say happiness but I think with peace will come happiness because we’ve been happy but missing peace where we are […]

Do you believe in spirits? Like ghosts, do you believe? The thought of an entity or spirit being in the living world fascinates me and yes sometimes frightens me but I think that is all from conditioning. I don’t truly know what they are so why should I fear them without reason? I bring this […]

The days seem to move a little faster now and I worry about all the things that I’m going to forget. There’s so much to do here and also where we are moving to. It’s not a move in ready kind of place and it does need a lot of work, it’s the only way […]

Four weeks away from our moving date and it’s really become real now. I’ve been crying off and on and my panic attacks have picked up but I think that’s due to the stress of it all. It’s been a lot of work so far and I know it’s just going to be harder before […]

The living room is quiet tonight as I’m the only one awake right now. Today I sent over the paperwork that agrees to sell the house, it’s not closing but it’s the next best thing so far. I don’t know how I feel, maybe numb. I’ve let the family know that the house is sold […]

We’re actually down to the point of signing paperwork for selling our house. Once I send in the paperwork tomorrow, there’s no turning back. I’m scared out of my mind that it’s actually happening but I know it’s the right thing to do. Yesterday we took the long drive to go out to the new […]

Yesterday was the day for a stranger to come into my house and look it over. I was terrified so my sister came down to be with me. She brought her grandson so that gave my granddaughter someone to play with and to completely mess up her room before they got here, of course, but […]