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It’s been a little over a week since starting a new medication for how I’m feeling. I’ve only been on my “emergency” medication for a long time and now we’ve added another one in to help with the between emergency times. The first few days were unbelievable, I had energy and the motivation to get […]

Rain is storming thought today, blocking out the suns full potential. I thrive on the warmth and glow of the sun so I’m wondering how today will go. It’s my fifth day of having my new medication and yesterday was more productive than I’ve been in a long time. Hopefully, this is a sign of […]

When you start taking a new medication, do you ever wonder if you’ll know when it’s working or not? It might just be my mind doing it’s overthinking but that’s what’s on my mind today. After seeing my doctor the other day because my panic attacks were getting worse, he gave me a new medication. […]

The last few days have been really hard health wise. My panic attacks have been coming in strong and plenty. They’ve been feeling like when I first started to get them and that has been a while. With me, it’s not so much as a feeling of death but of straight doom and not knowing […]

I remember being younger and loving to write, my main focus was poetry though back then. The words would simply just flow from my mind and out of my pencil, onto paper. It always had to be a wooden pencil back then and nothing else, to me it just felt like that was my conductor […]

I woke up last night from a sound sleep, the strong smell of smoke started me coughing and that’s really what woke me up. It scared me but I could see fine (at least without my glasses). The smell was like a muck fire, if you’ve ever smelled a muck fire, you won’t soon forget it. […]

Yesterday was a slow day around the house. I didn’t feel like doing anything except being a blob in front of the television. With all of the stress lately, my energy has all but depleted. It actually felt good to waste two hours on an old John Wayne movie and almost forget what has been […]